Catalog scope and quality are the fundamental building blocks for a successful eCatalog program and key to elevating the user’s experience.

It’s critical to have clear definition of the relevant spend categories, suppliers and product/services to ensure proper catalog coverage.  Equally important are well defined catalog requirements, with expectations set.  This makes it easier for suppliers to prepare the catalogs with the information, format and level of detail that you need.  If a user can’t find an item, then they can’t buy it!

Here’s how SupCat can help you…


Catalog Confirmation and Kickoff Discussion

CE Services_Initiation

Suppliers engaged and aligned with buyer objectives

We lay the groundwork for success


Materials and Training

CE Services_Supplier Support

Suppliers trained and ready to submit

We provide unparalleled support


Catalog Submission and Validation

CE Services_Submission

Catalog submitted and approved

We make sure catalogs meet commitments


Support Catalog Go-Live and Stabilization

CE Approach_Deploy

Catalogs in production, ready for sustainment

We facilitate a smooth go-live


Ongoing Maintenance and Continuous Improvement

CE Approach_Run

Products and services at your fingertips

We help you sustain value!!

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