SupCat will work with Buyer Relationship Manager to schedule Catalog discussions.  The Buyer will facilitate the call.  SupCat will provide overview, discuss catalog type (Static or Punchout), confirm items for inclusion, discuss unique business requirements, encourage images and attachments, plus Supplier's preferred training method.


Supcat Services Supplier Enablement

SupCat Services Catalog Enablement

Based on Catalog Strategy, SupCat will work with Buyer Relationship Managers to confirm subset of Suppliers for Catalog Enablement. Buyer must provide valid contact details.  Buyer will inform Supplier of Catalog selection and introduce SupCat as enabler.

Supcat Services Supplier Enablement


SupCat will perform ongoing maintenance activities for new Catalogs identified.  SupCat will perform Catalog Enablement tasks for all subsequent waves.  SupCat will perform periodic analysis to identify continuous improvement opportunities.




SupCat will distribute Catalog Pack containing instructions, timeline, upload templates, and training materials.  Depending on existing data quality, Buyer may choose to use material master as basis for Supplier enrichment.


* For visual example only.  Actual project

timeline varies by scope and requirements.


SupCat to distribute Catalog list to Buyer for posting on Buyer Portal and then send communications to Suppliers, preparing them for Catalog orders.  SupCat will support movement to Production on Go-Live date and confirm Catalogs appear as expected. SupCat will support stabilization efforts and lead transition to Run, including documenting project details and performing lessons learned.


SupCat will act as first level reviewer in the tool to verify that Catalog complies with validation checklist previously agreed with Buyer.  The Buyer Catalog Approvers will review and approve the catalog.  If there are any issues, the Catalog is rejected back to the Supplier for correction and resubmission.  Once Catalog is fully approved, data is ready for Production usage.


SupCat will support Supplier during Catalog submission and review to make sure everything appears as expected.  When Supplier submits Catalog, data/images/attachments will go through series of validations.  If there are any issues, SupCat will work with Supplier to address accordingly. Follow up communications and escalations as necessary.

SupCat encouarges self service (documentation, recorded sessions) for training method, but is also available to provide web based training via online session and upload assist via online screen share.