At SupCat, “Services” are our core competency, so our delivery approach is nimble and fully aligned with your business objectives.  Our team has substantial experience implementing and maintaining programs for complex, global Fortune 500 organizations across multiple industry verticals and eProcurement solutions.  We use standardized processes, in accordance with industry best practices to deliver exceptional results.

Supplier Enablement


Project Kickoff
Client Engagement
Data Analysis
Strategy Development
Materials Preparation
Go-Live Cutover
Ongoing Maintenance


Catalog Enablement


Target Supplier
Catalog Discussion
Supplier Training
Materials Distribution
Catalog Submission
Catalog Validation
System Readiness
Go-Live Cutover
Ongoing Maintenance


Support Services


Project Management
Product Management
Communications Prep
Content Enrichment
Data Management
PO Processing
Invoice Processing
Ad Hoc Requests


SupCat utilizes a comprehensive approach to delivering our services, which is based on clearly defined processes and proven methodologies.  We work across organizations and teams for seamless hand-offs throughout the project, and on to maintenance, where value can be difficult to sustain.  Our highly experienced Strategic Leads will drive the end-to-end process, supported by our Operational resources, which are scaled to meet your unique business requirements.  We will work with you to determine the actual project scope, timeline and resources required.


SupCat offers a range of resource levels, from highly experienced Strategic Leads, who are responsible for managing the project to lower cost Junior resources that perform the scalable, repeatable tasks.  We can support global time zones, based on client needs.

From a project perspective, SupCat collaborates closely with the Solution Provider and the Buying Organization to facilitate clear communications and project alignment.  It is critical to engage Executive Leadership and Key Stakeholders early in the project to set expectations and encourage program advocacy.

As part of the implementation, SupCat will also work directly with the Suppliers to provide information, set expectations, offer training options and follow up with non-responsive Suppliers.  SupCat will also provide the Buying Organization with detailed reporting of status, including escalations and actions required.


SupCat’s standardized approach allows us to:

  • Provide a framework that is organized and based on industry standards
  • Provide a holistic view of the project and sets clear expectations for each stakeholder group
  • Engage the Buying Organization at a deeper level, by providing a breakdown of each process area and the actions required for success
  • Quickly onboard and educate our project resources
  • Enable our services to be delivered in a consistent and timely manner
  • Develop a roadmap to ensure the Buying Organization is best positioned to realize the outcomes they are trying to achieve


During the initial “Prepare” phase, SupCat works with the Client team to review the SOW and adjust our approach based on the project scope and requirements.  We then configure our project management tools including:

  • RACI – responsibility matrix
  • Project plan
  • Projectplace – project collaboration

We use these tools to capture an unparalleled level of detail, which is based on our many years of experience successfully implementing and maintaining complex, global programs.  It is critical to have clearly defined tasks, accountable resources and end-to-end visibility across the organizations for better team collaboration.


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