SupCat to validate system is working as expected and unique business requirements are supported.  SupCat to validate that in-scope Suppliers are enabled and can transact in system.  Additional focus on Key Suppliers.  SupCat to support all testing activities, including User Acceptance Testing.

SupCat to distribute Supplier List to Buyer for posting on Buyer Portal and then send communications to Suppliers, preparing them for transactions.  SupCat will support movement to Production on Go-Live date and confirm Suppliers appear as expected.  SupCat will support stabilization efforts and lead transition to Run, including documenting project details and performing lessons learned.


Supcat Services Supplier Enablement

SupCat will perform ongoing maintenance activities for new suppliers identified.  SupCat will perform Supplier Enablement tasks for all subsequent waves.  SupCat will perform periodic analysis to identify continuous improvement opportunities.


SupCat to prepare project materials, including documentation, process flows, Supplier facing communications, and training materials (recordings, FAQs, etc.).  During this time, the Operations resources are onboarded  and trained for Buyer specific handling.

SupCat will work with Technology team to prepare solution, including setup, configuration and testing.  Buyer may choose to leverage existing Vendor Master Data (VMD) for bulk upload and enrichment by Supplier.  SupCat will engage and onboard Suppliers to VMD and ePro tools, provide training, and support data loading and validation. Follow up communications and escalations as necessary.


SupCat to obtain ERP extract, analyze data and prepare report.  SupCat will work with Buyer for enablement approach and prioritization.  SupCat will prepare Supplier, Catalog, eInvoicing strategy, including recommended list of Suppliers and Catalogs in scope, wave approach, communications plan, and data cleansing recommendations.



SupCat will review SOW for project scope, develop project materials, attend kickoff session, document responsibilities, establish project governance, align with Technology team and distribute project workbooks.  SupCat can also provide guidance to the Client for Change/Journey Management and Buyer facing communications and training program.


Supcat Services Supplier Enablement

SupCat Services Catalog Enablement



* For visual example only.  Actual project

timeline varies by scope and requirements.